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マラソンでは、Dolphin Research Centerでイルカと交流したり、Aquarium Encountersでアカエイを食べたり、Turtle Hospitaでウミガメを鑑賞したり、学んだり、クレーンポイントハンモックアンドネイチャートレイルとカリーハンモック州立公園で自然や歴史に戻ったりできますまたは、ピジョンキーアイランドでこの地域の鉄道の歴史をご覧ください。

Sombrero Beach

 9.9 Miles, 16 Minutes Drive

Sombrero Beach is the beach with the white carpet of sand. This beach in Florida attracts tourists from all over the world. There are many lavish hotels along the seashore. Lounging in the sun and diving, snorkeling into the deep sea attracts marine life lovers. This beach has shady picnic areas and crystal clear water so this is one of the most visited beaches in the Florida Keys.

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Aquarium Encounters

 6 Miles, 8 Minutes Drive

The Aquarium Encounters is one of the most famous places in Marathon Florida. Tourists visit this place to experience the aqua life. Watching the big sharks is itself a treat to the eyes. The Aquarium encounters is an educational, entertaining and refreshing place. One must take a break from their busy schedule and spend time in this place of miracles. Experiencing Marine life with such a close distance is the moment you shouldn't miss.

Bahia Honda State  Park

 21 Miles, 25 Minutes Drive

Bahia Honda State Park is an island in the lower Florida Keys near Marathon city.  This park is a favorite location of the tourists as it’s a beautiful miracle of nature and it offers many activities like Snorkel Boat Tours, Beach Rental Equipment, Food Service, Gift Shop, Marina Slips (Overnight Dockage), Kayaks.

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Dolphin Research Center

 1.1 Miles, 20 Minutes Walk

Marathon Florida is famous for the dolphin research center. Tourists come to visit this family with their family. This research center is a sanctuary for dolphins and sea lions in all-natural habitat. In this center, Dolphins are taken care of, trained, and studied for their behavior. The narrated behavior sessions and educational presentations every half an hour.

Turtle Hospital

 9.6 Miles, 12 Minutes Drive

Turtle Hospital started in 1986 for rehabilitation, research, and care of turtles. The hospital takes initiative in educating people for taking care of turtles, research programs, rehabilitation, cleaning the beaches, and keeping beaches safe for them. This hospital is equipped with all the surgery devices and expert doctors for surgery.

Snorkeling & Diving

Explore The Seabed

Snorkeling and diving are considered as the favorite adventures for the aqua lovers. These water sports are thrilling as well as exciting. Snorkeling and diving allows you to dive deep into the sea and take you closer to marine life. The seabed has the most attractive and miraculous creations. Exploring these creations is itself a treat to the eyes.

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Restaurants & Bars

Try to dine before sundown at the Hideaway Cafe to enjoy the most beautiful scenery and enjoy a glass of bubbly with you fine dinning experience.

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