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Sep. 2022



Sep. 2022






“旅程最好用朋友而不是里程来衡量。” –蒂姆·卡希尔

如果您想在佛罗里达礁岛度假时放松身心,彩虹弯度假村是您和您的团队的理想之地。 Rainbow Bend Resort度假村周围遍布钓鱼,潜水,生态旅游,节日和购物,是您在佛罗里达礁岛旅行期间的理想住宿之地。让我们帮助您找到适合您团队的理想客房。我们有适合小型和大型家庭入住的房间,有些甚至是毗邻的房间!

Family Reunions

Stay with your family in the new home away from your own home!

A break for your loved ones from the busy schedule is a must and it improves the bonding. Family reunions are very fascinating. Spending time with your family at the seashore, playing water games, diving in the pool and seawater are the best plans to execute.

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Travel With A Reason

Marathon Florida is the city of cultural tourism, heritage, and arts & crafts. Events of various categories always lighten up the cities ambiance. Rainbow Bend is the renowned hotel in the city with an oceanfront scenario. We have a big area in our rooms and suites for your troupe stay and relaxation which will give you the energy to give your best efforts.

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Fishing Groups

A Marine-Friendly City

Marathon is one of the Keys' most marine friendly cities with nearly 1,200 slips. Residents, snowbirds and visitors enjoy Marathon's fishing heritage, an old-Keys lifestlye, a theme celebrated at Rainbow Bend Resort.

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