The image shows a plate with grilled shrimp skewers and a seasoned steak filet garnished with chopped herbs.
A beautifully presented plate with a baked dish, possibly a pastry stuffed meal, garnished with a yellow sauce and herbs.
A plated dish featuring a puff pastry with garnishes and a creamy sauce, served on a white plate. The table is set with glasses and condiments.
The image shows a plate with fried fish garnished with lemon slices and parsley, a glass of orange drink, and a glass of water on a table.

    Hideaway Cafe

    Luscious Taste With Eminent Service


    The hideaway cafe is located on-site This reputed cafe is recognized for its excellence in serving top-notch cuisines. The cafe is famous for delicious food and unique dining experience. You can have a romantic dinner night with the mesmerizing breeze and the sound of waves around you with your special person. This place is beautifully decorated and hence attention-seeking. Personalized care and attention for each and every guest by the cafe staff.